Becoming a Payment Facilitator is growing in popularity as a way to reduce friction in the boarding process, streamline pricing and build market share in the small business arena. To help you understand and capitalize on the challenges and opportunities this model brings, Rich Consulting and Double Diamond Group (DDG) have built a team of experts led by Deana Rich of Rich Consulting, a highly-regarded thought leader and expert on auditing and establishing risk, compliance and underwriting programs for Payment Service Providers and Payment Facilitators. This unique team relies on unmatched experience and exhaustive data to conduct thorough reviews of risk and operational policies and departments, explore vulnerabilities against card scheme rules, and use industry best practices to identify areas for improvement or remediation. Whether you are a PSP or Payment Facilitator needing templated or customized underwriting and risk monitoring procedures, or an acquirer looking for a frictionless boarding solution, Rich Consulting and Double Diamond Group can lead you effectively and efficiently to the best decisions and the best results.
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